This is incredible news to me…. the local food movement has become so big that now the majority of new farmers have never even worked on a farm! 78% of new farmers in fact were not raised on a farm! The local movement, and influx of media criticizing factory farming has really pushed local eating into the mainstream.

To hear that there are college students who are willing to be, as Emily Sloss said, ‘the first wave’, is just amazing. This seems exactly right to me. Think of all the things we take as second nature now; someone at some point had to stick with that new idea- and really follow it through in order for it to become common place today.

With any luck, local farming will also become commonplace in the years to come. We will all know our farmers, and where our food comes from- and we will be happier and healthier because of it. There is clearly a lot of work to be done, and  long road to travel, but with any luck…. we will find our way!

Take a look at this great article about Duke University’s campus farm!