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The future is looking brighter and brighter for local eaters, and that makes me very happy! I am still finding my challenge to be, well…. challenging…. but it seems that everyday I find news about another venue popping up, new media coming out, or an article which sheds light on the steady increases and benefits of eating local!

It is so exciting to me! I worry that we’ve become too  removed from the food that we eat. Certainly, it is an incredible luxury to walk into a market and be able to purchase food from around the world- already prepared, and easy to grab and go! These types of foods fit our society. We are fast paced, and our food must really match the rhythm of our lives. For many people the pace of an ever hastening lifestyle can simply not be changed, and so it is understandable that fast food restaurants and super sized grocery stores are so heavily utilized. For those who need these conveniences, the fact that local food is moving up in the world means that even the most convenient items can start to be healthier, more wholesome and likely produced by more sustainable and humane methods! Fantastic!

For sanity and happiness sake, I need to take it easy- and slow things down as much as I can. Eating local has been a tremendous help in doing this.  I have also become far more appreciative of what I have, and the work that goes into having it. Something as simple as preparing a meal and enjoying it at the table can completely change the mood of your day, and if you can light a candle and find a pleasant dinner companion, all the better.

There is so much information to be had out there if you are interested in eating locally, and I think you’d be surprised at the support too! Don’t get me wrong, it is difficult- and the farther from home you go (where everything is already set-up and you know where to find your food) the more difficult things become. But the rise in information and acceptance of living a healthful life is very encouraging. Locavores have a very bright future ahead!


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