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Football and food go hand-in-hand all across the United States. What is a game without beer, burgers, and salty snacks after all? So when I headed out yesterday to do some tailgaiting with friends I tried to keep in mind my locavore dedication and plan ahead. My planning however, came up quite short- I had no idea how difficult it would be!

I headed to the game with some local and sustainable sausages, and with the intention to stop on the way and pick up some locally made bread as my bun and a nice local brew. Little did I know that I would so easily be lured into the excitement of eating and drinking. While I did end up eating the sausages, which were so good by the way, I also had chicken, turkey, stuffing, burgers and many, many other snacks which were, for lack of a better description- about the farthest thing from local, or healthy, that I could have chosen.

While there are many reasons that I’ve chosen to eat locally, I also realize that it helps me to eat better. This morning when I woke up I felt the weight of all the salt, and processed food I put into my body, and I realized that is exactly what I don’t want! Had I put more thought into this outing, and prepared foods in advance, I am sure I would have been completely fine… but, I didn’t- and as a result I caved to the pressures of alluring smells and crunchy goodies.

I’ve learned my lesson, and I just hope that as I move through the holidays ahead I can put a better foot forward!
Speaking of the holidays….I wonder what spending time with family will be like while on this diet!