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Now I can’t speak for every person who has decided to eat locally…. but I can imagine that there aren’t many who have the desire to go through all the work of sourcing local, healthy foods only to ruin it all by consuming- or better yet trying to create local factories for high fructose corn syrup. Personally I have tried to stay away from such highly processed sweeteners long before I began my local challenge. Yet, this is the argument being presented against locavores and their way of life.

It is easy enough to misconstrue someone’s motives, but why? From where I stand, the only reason to make up myths about locavores is to keep big business farming the way it is now. The most recent uproar on this and similar topics concerning local eating has been brought about by Steve Sexton, posted on the Freakonomics blog.  Decide for yourself about these issues, but personally, I’m disgusted to think that attempting to treat both the earth and humanity with care should cause this type of push-back.

I’ve attached a few articles which should give you a good view of both sides of the argument: