Last night I realized I didn’t have anything substantial to make for dinner. Normally, I would stop into our local area grocery store, Foodmaster, and pick up some chicken. But now that I am eating locally, things are a little more complicated.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I have to wait for my new CSA subscriptions to start up until after the craze, and that means putting in some extra effort. Finding myself in a bit of a bind, I decided to stop into Savenor’s in Cambridge on my way home from work. They have a great selection of hard to find items, such as rabbit, fois gras and alligator…. but would they have any locally produced meats and veggies- I had to hope.

Savenor’s is a really small shop, but somehow I spent about 25 minutes inside looking over every single meat label in the hopes of finding something which would satisfy my needs. What I found turned out to be really pretty exciting-  locally and sustainably raised Vermont pork belly; something I had never cooked before.

After reading several recipes to learn the technique for this succulent meat, I decided to give it a go. I marinated and cooked for eight hours, and much to my amazement, it actually turned out quite well. I’m a big fan of meat that becomes so tender when cooked it flakes apart with a fork, and this dish made it into that category.
I served the pork with a fingerling potato and beet dish as well as sautéed garlic kale.

Tonight as I enjoyed a glass of Cambridge Brewing Company beer alongside my all locally sourced dinner, I found myself feeling as though eating locally is doing a lot more than fulfilling a challenge of mine, I am learning to work with new foods in the kitchen and having a great time doing it!