I’ve just finished reading an article which tells me that the GOP feels healthier public school lunches are ‘too expensive’.

Tomato sauce on pizza is a vegetable, says Congress;  GOP says healthier school lunches are too expensive 

I can’t possibly get over my disgust. How can we put a limit on the health of our future? For every struggling program which aims to bring farm fresh foods directly to schools, there is opposition of the kind found in this article which won’t allow positive changes to progress. I simply can’t imagine how these types of measures would pass if anyone actually knew what was going on, or what the alternatives are.

While tomatoes are a vegetable, and therefore a source of healthy eating…. it is an incredibly far stretch to pretend that just because kids are having a smear of red on their lunch means they are consuming a ‘balanced’ meal. I simply cannot allow myself to believe that this is what we’ve come to, and that our children, our future, should be the ones who suffer due to budget cuts and political disagreements.