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I often find myself using Sundays for massive amounts of cooking. Typically I get all of my grocery shopping out-of-the-way, store everything in its proper home, and then choose a few dishes to prepare which can carry me through on busy days in the week ahead.  A ‘controlled chaos’ takes over when I begin cooking: boiling a sauce while starting a roast and seasoning vegetables as I test rising dough.  I love all the action around me, and I keep things relaxed with a glass of wine and a little jazz in the background.

Yesterday was just as I have described; I spent the afternoon in my kitchen, and ended up with a pizza, meatballs, a roasted vegetable dish and some easy options for salads I plan to make later in the week. Yesterday however, was completely different from any previous Sunday because I have given myself the challenge to ‘go locavore’.

There are obvious challenges to this new task, and yet as I prepared to kick off this life style change it seemed as simple as making a list of farms and planning in advance. I have completely over simplified! First of all, it is November in Boston, not exactly prime growing season. Second of all, I have grossly under estimated the thought and planning required to stick to this challenge. Today I was walking to the T and feeling incredibly hungry, but had to force myself to hold out so I could make sure to eat the local foods I had at home rather than grabbing some tasty morsel on my way home!

Yet, here I am, determined to follow this through, hoping that by documenting my progress I will not only keep myself on track, but build a support network to draw from.  I am looking forward to the challenges ahead, and I certainly hope I can meet them head on!